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BACEMARE’s main goal is the study of Marine ecosystems following an integrated/multidisciplinary approach, performing leading edge research and providing high quality services, focusing on the interaction between man and the marine environment and sustainable development, addressing complex environmental challenges on different spatial and temporal scales, integrating natural sciences, social sciences and engineering, and linking basic and applied research.

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Services are focused on understanding and conserving the biodiversity of marine ecosystems. BACEMARE team is working on a wide range of projects related to marine conservation, including studying the biology and ecology of marine organisms, monitoring the health of marine ecosystems, and developing management strategies to protect and restore marine biodiversity, maintaining the integrity of marine ecosystems and managing their use in the face of rapid and inevitable global change.

Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture

Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture services are focusing on the application of biotechnology principles and techniques to the field of aquaculture. Research in the BACEMARE focuses on developing new techniques for breeding or cultivating aquatic organisms, improving the nutritional quality of farmed fish and shellfish, exploring the potential of using microorganisms to treat waste and improve water quality, or developing biotechnological products from aquatic organisms. Moreover, BACEMARE team aims to improve seafood and algal production, as well as fisheries resources, through the study of fish/shellfish/algal biology and aquaculture technology, placing particular emphasis on improving yields, performances and competence of fisheries and aquaculture..

Data Science & AI

Data Science & AI research services are focusing on the application of advanced analytical and statistical techniques to the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence (AI). The BACEMARE’s Data Science and AI are focusing on the development of new algorithms and models for deep learning, improving the accuracy and interpretability of predictive models, exploring the ethical implications of AI, and developing new applications for AI in the environment aiming at protecting the Seas and feed humanity sustainably.

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